WINNER: Uranium in English

by Maya Catherine Popa

About the Issue

April is National Poetry Month–celebrate with us!

Zoo Lights

by Bradley Earle Hoge


by Chelsea Krieg

Black Hole Ohio

by Daniel Williams

The Octopus

by Elizabeth Hoover

Ontological Separation Resulting From The Speed of Light

by Fred D. White

For the Man Who Suggested the Existence of Irrational Numbers

by G.L. Grey

Last Words of the Rocket Scientist

by J.G. McClure

Paper Heart

by John C. Mannone

N – Nitrogen 7

by Marj Hahne

Flying Planes on Mars

by Michael Lawson

Gaussian Elimination

by Michael Lawson

Static Friction

by Michael Mingo

Triple Point

by Noel Duffy

Strong Nuclear Force

by Sam Preminger


by Stacey Balkun

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